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Cat Mario is much like Super Mario Brothers for the NES but with some changes found throughout. You control a hero that’s main purpose is to reach the end of the level by jumping over enemies and barrier while moving to the right of the screen. You can kill most enemies by jumping on their heads but any other contact with them brings a death, or starting the level over. Don’t fall down any of the holes either. The game’s right here on this page for you to play. But before you start shouldn’t you know the controls?


The simple controls are easy to master but you will find yourself dying more times that you think. You use the left and right arrows to direct your cat where you want him or her to go. When you want to jump you simply press the up arrow and off you go. Use these three buttons together to get kill enemies and try to finish the level.

Tips and Tricks

A sense of timing is the most important aspect of this game. Run around a little and figure out exactly how the controls work together. Destroy the first two monsters by jumping on their heads for practice. You also need to remember that any piece of the world can fall out of below you at any times as well as invisible blocks appear when you hit them with your head. You must learn from your mistakes in the level to plan a new route and watch for all the dangerous landscape.

Now that you have got the basics, play away. If you like it, make sure to share this page with all your Facebook friends and other online buddies around the world. Give it a like as well and support the online community.

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